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Engage Through Art—Practice Tips

  • Find a good source of quality biblical artwork. This might be a book, a website, or even a museum. Look for art that intrigues you personally and helps you gain a deeper understanding of the Scripture passage you are interested in exploring. The BibleGateway resource page Engage Through Art will be a great help in this process.
  • Take time to simply reflect on the piece of art before you begin any further studying on the Bible passage, the artist, or the background of the artwork. As you reflect on the piece of artwork, ask yourself:
    • What is the artist portraying in this piece of art?
    • How are light, color, and lines used?
    • What figures from the biblical account are portrayed?
    • How do they react to what is going on?
    • How do they appear to relate to each other?
    • What figures do I most connect with?
    • Why do I connect with a particular figure?
    • How does this piece help me connect with the Bible story on a deeper level?
    • How is God at work in this event?
  • Familiarize yourself with the passage of Scripture that corresponds with the artwork you’ve been engaging with.  Artwork can never substitute for actually reading and experiencing the biblical text for yourself. Let the work of the artist drive you deeper into your reflection of God’s Word. The artwork is to help you meditate on Scripture, allowing/assisting you to see what is already there. Art does not replace the Bible, but it can be a valuable tool for seeing Scripture through a new lens.
  • Ask God to direct your experience with each art piece. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give you wisdom and discernment as you seek to discover new truths about him and how he works in the lives of his people.
  • Consider journaling about your experience as you practice Scripture engagement though biblical art.
  • Share what God teaches you through the piece of artwork with friends. Discuss with them what they see in the piece. Engaging Scripture through art is inherently a meeting of hearts and intellects as the viewer connects with the artist through his or her work. Inviting others to experience art with you will further broaden your engagement with Scripture.
  • Finally, consider making your own piece of biblical art! You will engage with a passage at a deeper level as you strive to visually represent a Bible passage.

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