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Reformation Study Bible – Zech 9–11
Zech 9–11

9:1–11:17 The prophet turns his attention to the future of God’s kingdom, developing his theme in two lengthy oracles (chs. 9–11; 12–14). The first prophecy of the book’s latter half focuses on the coming of God the King in judgment. The opening verses (9:1–8) portray God as an avenging warrior who comes to take possession of His land by destroying all the pagan enemies who lie in His path (cf. Is. 9:6 note). He comes from the north to Jerusalem (cf. 9:14–17, where God is pictured as coming from the south to Jerusalem), an event that leads to the proclamation of 9:9. Some interpret the picture of a northern invasion as describing Alexander the Great’s conquest of Palestine in 333 b.c. That may be, but its greater meaning concerns God Himself coming to avenge His people. See Introduction: Characteristics and Themes.