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Reformation Study Bible – Zech 4:14
Zech 4:14

4:14 These . . . anointed ones. See text note. “These” refers to Zerubbabel and Joshua. As God’s chosen leaders they would be supplied by the Holy Spirit with the necessary strength to finish the temple. Together they foreshadow the Messiah, in whom the offices of priest and king (as well as prophet) will be joined in one Person (6:12 note). The total vision teaches both that God is the source of strength for doing His work and that He bestows His Spirit upon His chosen people for the work He has called them to do.

Lord of the whole earth. God is sovereign over all the affairs of men (Is. 40:15, 23, 24). Similarly, the title “Lord Almighty” shows that all the powers of the cosmos are at His disposal (1:3 note).