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Reformation Study Bible – Song 8:5
Song 8:5

8:5 Who is that coming up from the wilderness. This clause is an exact repetition of 3:6, where it introduces the wedding segment of the girl’s dream (3:6–11 note). Now the dream has given way to reality. The happy pair, married at last, no longer have to conceal their relationship, but can walk in public arm in arm (contrast v. 1 and note).

leaning on her beloved. This simple statement captures an intimate and typical pose of man and woman.

I awakened you. That is, “began to woo you.” The Hebrew text itself does not make clear whether it is the girl or her beloved who speaks here and in the next three lines. Tradition, as indicated by the vowel marks added later, makes the girl the speaker. The content of the lines suggests that it is the man who is speaking, at least to the end of v. 5. Either way, the passage indicates that the consummation has been reached, and the lovers reminisce about how it all began.

There. Presumably this does not refer to “apple tree” but to her parents’ home that they are now approaching. The girl had dreamed about bringing her beloved home (3:4; 8:2); now she does so.