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Reformation Study Bible – Ruth 2:20
Ruth 2:20

2:20 whose kindness has not forsaken. God’s love is faithful, and He will not forget the ones He loves. The blessings He promised will pass from Boaz to Ruth to Naomi, and eventually to all the elect.

close relative of ours. See Introduction: Interpretive Difficulties. The law of redemption now comes into view. According to this law, the nearest male blood relative had the duty of preserving the family name and property. This duty could entail (a) avenging the death of a family member (Num. 35:19–21); (b) buying back family property that had been sold to pay debts (Lev. 25:25); (c) buying back a relative who had sold himself into slavery to pay debts (Lev. 25:47–49); and (d) marrying the widow of a deceased relative (Deut. 25:5–10). Apparently these duties could be renounced or declined under certain circumstances (cf. Ruth 3:12; 4:1–8). Boaz was such a “close relative” (or “redeemer”) to Ruth, and this fact now determines the course of action (see 1:11; 2:1 and notes). Ruth’s destiny will proceed according to law, unlike her ancestor, Lot’s daughter, who committed incest (Gen. 19:30–38).