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Reformation Study Bible – Rom 8:32
Rom 8:32

8:32 He who did not spare his own Son. Paul’s words are an effective echo of the Septuagint (Greek translation) text of Gen. 22:12.

gave him up. The phrase is used elsewhere of active participation in the judicial condemnation of Christ (Matt. 20:19; 26:15, 16; 27:2, 18, 26; cf. Is. 53:6, 10).

for us all. Even for the worst of us who now believe (3:9–18; 5:6–8). Once more, as in 5:9, 10, Paul reasons from the greater to the less: for God to give His Son to die for us was the supreme gift, guaranteeing the subsequent gift of everything else that we need for our full and final glory (v. 30).