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Reformation Study Bible – Rev 7:4–8
Rev 7:4–8

7:4–8 The balanced numbering suggests that “twelve” is a symbolic number for the fullness of the people of God. The early association of the tribe of Dan with idolatry (Judg. 18) may explain its omission from this list (21:8; 22:15). Some think that the 144,000 here includes only Jewish believers. But the “servants of our God” in v. 3 must include Gentile saints as well. The equal status of Gentiles and Jews in the seven churches (Eph. 2:11–22) and the promises associated only with the 144,000 (9:4; 14:1–5) confirm this. According to vv. 1–8, the saints are known by God individually, and none slips by His care (Matt. 10:30); according to vv. 9–17, no human can count their number.