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Reformation Study Bible – Rev 6:1–8:1
Rev 6:1–8:1

6:1–8:1 Judgments from God’s throne unfold as the seven seals are opened one by one. The participation of the Lamb reminds us that such judgments are based on His unique qualifications and accomplishments (ch. 5). In formal structure, 5:1–8:1 runs parallel to 8:2–11:19. Each has an opening scene introducing the origin of the judgments (ch. 5; 8:2–6). Six judgments follow (ch. 6; 8:7–9:21). A dramatic interlude promises care for God’s people (ch. 7; 10:1–11:14). The seventh and climactic judgment follows the interlude (8:1; 11:15–19; Introduction: Outline). The seven judgments move forward toward the Second Coming, which occurs in 6:12–17 and 11:15–19. The first four of the seven judgments have an inner unity. The four living creatures of 4:6 and the four horsemen of Zech. 1:8 are reflected in 6:1–8. The four major regions of the world (dry land, sea, fresh water, and sky) are considered in 8:7–12.