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Reformation Study Bible – Rev 4–5
Rev 4–5

4:1–5:14 God appears in a beautiful scene of worship as the King of heaven and earth. He is surrounded by angelic courtiers (1 Kin. 22:19; Job 1:6; 2:1; Ps. 89:6, 7; Ezek. 1; Dan. 7:9, 10). His rule was established in creation (4:11), is exercised in the panorama of history (6:1–22:5), is brought to fulfillment through the Lamb (ch. 5; 22:1) and is celebrated in songs of praise (1:6 note). Revelation is preeminently a book about God and His greatness. The secrets of history and of spiritual conflict center on God Himself. The whole universe is destined to be filled with the glory (21:22, 23) and goodness of God (22:1–5), and with His praise (5:13). Hence the pattern for the outcome of history is revealed in miniature here (Matt. 6:10).

When God’s people are beset by temptation or persecution, a revelation of God’s character and glory is the best remedy. His power guarantees the final victory, His justice guarantees vindication of the right, His goodness and magnificence guarantee blessing and comfort. The blood of the Lamb demonstrates that redemption has already been accomplished.