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Reformation Study Bible – Rev 11:1–2
Rev 11:1–2

11:1, 2 The description is reminiscent of the fall of Jerusalem in a.d. 70. Assuming that Revelation was written before a.d. 70, some interpreters see chs. 6–11 or even larger portions of Revelation as prophecy concerning the fall of Jerusalem. But these verses may just as easily be a figure of the preservation of God’s people in the midst of attacks. The temple represents the presence of God on earth, especially through His people (4:1–5:14 note). Measurement signifies God’s knowledge and care (Ezek. 40; 41). The altar and those who worship there represent the true worshipers of God, who are sealed and protected (ch. 7). The destruction of the outer court represents the attack of outsiders on God’s people.