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Reformation Study Bible – Rev 10
Rev 10

10:1–11 Dan. 10:5, 6 and the call of Ezekiel (Ezek. 2:1–3:11) are paralleled in this chapter. John receives the prophetic messages of a “little scroll.” Some have thought that the scroll contains the contents of 12:1–22:5, and that 12:1 begins a new major division in the structure of Revelation. More likely, the vision of this chapter speaks in a general fashion of John’s receiving power to continue to prophesy. Though John’s role is unique, he is still in many ways an example and pattern for the church’s witness (1:2 note). The church must take to heart the message of the book (1:3), live by it, and be ready to communicate its implications to “peoples and nations and languages and kings” (v. 11).