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Reformation Study Bible – Pr 1:22
Pr 1:22

1:22 simple ones. See v. 4 and note. There has been a development of thought. At issue is not merely gaining more insight, but a deliberate choice between two ways. Wisdom and folly, righteousness and wickedness, are constantly opposed in Proverbs as the only two options for life (cf. Matt. 7:24–27).

scoffers. The precise meaning of this word, used mostly in Proverbs, is difficult to determine. The mocker, or scoffer, is a person who resists the discipline of the wise (9:7, 8; 13:1; 14:6; 21:11).

fools. Thick, unteachable people.

knowledge. See 1:7. In wisdom literature, “knowledge” is often a synonym for wisdom.