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Reformation Study Bible – Phil 3:15
Phil 3:15

3:15 those of us who are mature. These words may be a tribute to persons who in fact think and live maturely. Another possibility is that here Paul is speaking ironically to people who consider themselves already “perfect” (v. 12), and whose thinking Paul needs to correct.

think this way. This refers to the teaching of vv. 12–14.

if . . . you think otherwise. These words may reinforce the preceding appeal to agree with Paul, but the repeated phrases (“think this way . . . think”) recall 2:1–5 and suggest that the apostle is also concerned that the Philippians agree among themselves.

God will reveal. Whether spiritual discernment and understanding or agreement among believers is in view, the grace of God is necessary (1:9–11). In the meantime, believers’ conduct should accord with the degree of insight which God has already granted (v. 16).