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Obad 1:11–12

11, 12 Edom is doomed because they broke the law of brotherly compassion by joining, in malicious merriment, with God’s enemies as they destroyed Judah. The interplay between “your brother” in v. 10 and the invading “strangers” and “foreigners” here is powerful. The exploitation of a brother’s adversity showed that Edom’s true loyalty was toward getting ahead in the world, in disregard of moral and spiritual absolutes. The seeds of Edom’s moral character were sown by their ancestor Esau, who showed that he cared more for earthly enjoyment than for God’s kingdom by despising his birthright of covenant blessings and marrying Hittite wives (Gen. 25:29–34; 26:34, 35; cf. 27:46–28:1). Translated into New Testament terms, Edom embodies the spirit of “the world” (1 John 2:15–17).