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Mal 3:13–4:6

3:13–4:6 The last section returns to the prophecy in 3:1–5 concerning the forerunner (Matt. 11:10) and the coming of God. In various ways the beginning of the section is reminiscent of a lament psalm. The complaints, however, are interpreted as hard words against the Lord. Yet there were those who sensed the same injustices without concluding that it was futile to serve the Lord. The first group spoke hard words and brought the Lord’s response; the latter feared the Lord and caused Him to write words of remembrance concerning them. He promised that they would be His special possession in the great day of the Lord.

A reference to “the day” (v. 17) again introduces the last day of judgment, a day of destruction for the wicked but healing for the righteous. The final verses return to the promised forerunner and exhort the people to keep the law of Moses.