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Reformation Study Bible – Mal 1:11
Mal 1:11

1:11 my name will be great among the nations. God promises the future triumph of His glorious kingdom. “From the rising of the sun to its setting,” and similar phrases, often point to God’s future judgment of the world and the restoration of His order (Ps. 50:1; Is. 45:6; 59:19).

in every place. The imperfect sacrifices being offered during the prophet’s time (vv. 7, 8) are contrasted with the pure offerings of worship in the future (Is. 2:2–4; 66:19–21; Zech. 14:16–21). The promise of this verse is being fulfilled even now as Christ gathers His kings and priests from among the nations (Rev. 5:9, 10), and it will be consummated in the future as the nations gather to worship God in purity (Rev. 21:27).