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Reformation Study Bible – Lev 3:1
Lev 3:1

3:1 peace offering. Also called the “fellowship” or “covenant” offering. The Hebrew term used is related to the word shalom, meaning “peace, well-being.” This sacrifice was unique in that the worshiper and his family could eat much of the meat, only a part being given to the priests or burned on the altar. It was a sacrifice brought when someone was seeking God’s blessing or celebrating blessings received. It was offered to underline a solemn prayer (such as a vow), or when such a prayer was answered, or out of simple gratitude (7:16). Eating meat was a rare luxury in ancient times and was usually something of a celebration. Moses prescribed that every animal killed for food must be offered in sacrifice first (17:3 note), so at least during the wilderness period every meal involving meat was preceded by a peace offering.