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Reformation Study Bible – Jude 1:12
Jude 1:12

12 blemishes. The Greek word translated “blemishes” usually means “rocks” or “hidden reefs,” which are a danger to ships. If Jude is making a play on words, it is to the effect that teachers are “dangerous, rocky blemishes” in what should be calm waters.

love feasts. See note 2 Pet. 2:13; cf. 1 Cor. 11:20–34.

feast with you without fear. The false teachers may have made the love feasts occasions for blatant immorality. Even apart from this their presence at the meals would have been a concern to Jude. Because teaching took place at the love feasts (Acts 20:7, 11), there was opportunity for the false teachers to advance their ideas.

waterless clouds. A metaphor for a form of hypocrisy that fails to produce what is promised (2 Pet. 2:17 note).

fruitless trees . . . twice dead, uprooted. Like trees failing to bear fruit at harvesttime, the lives of these people are barren and fall under God’s judgment (Matt. 7:16–20; Luke 13:6–9).