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Reformation Study Bible – Josh 4:24
Josh 4:24

4:24 all the peoples of the earth. The wonders of chs. 3 and 4 will have effects far beyond the immediate generation and far beyond the Israelite people (2:10; 5:1; cf. Gen. 12:3). The wonderful works of God in the Bible are expected to affect those who hear about them as powerfully as those who see them (Ex. 10:2; and supremely John 20:30, 31). See notes 2:9, 10.

know. The knowledge of God and His purposes has been the objective of these wonders (3:7, 10 notes). This goal is now shown to apply to all peoples. This knowledge does not necessarily imply salvation (Ex. 14:18).

fear the Lord. A common Old Testament expression for true faith (Ps. 128:1). See 24:14 note.