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Reformation Study Bible – Josh 3:7
Josh 3:7

3:7 I will begin to exalt you. The Lord validated Joshua’s leadership by repeating the wonders He did at the Red Sea through Moses. The God of Joshua is the God of Moses. See note 4:14.

that they may know. God’s acts are often said to have the purpose of bringing about knowledge (Ex. 8:10; Deut. 4:35; 2 Kin. 19:19; Is. 45:6). Such knowledge is never merely intellectual. It is, however, attainable through hearing the news of God’s acts, as well as by seeing them (2:9, 10; 4:24). Here the object of knowledge is the presence of God with Joshua (1:5 note; cf. Ex. 14:31), which the people will experience through the faithfulness of God to His promises. See notes on v. 10; 4:24.