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Job 32–37

32:1–37:24 These chapters present the second monologue, that of the young man Elihu who, unlike the others, has a Hebrew name. Many critics see him as a self-important, know-it-all person. Others believe these chapters are additions to the original text. Both views are defective. Elihu is not mentioned in the Epilogue (ch. 42) but the reason is that he is not guilty of the same errors as the other three. Elihu’s critique centers on Job’s words uttered during the dispute. He quotes Job, but does not accuse him of having lived a wicked life. He stresses an issue neglected by the three friends: the disciplinary and redemptive role of suffering. Eliphaz alone had touched suffering as discipline (5:17). Elihu’s wordiness, like that of Job and the counselors, was considered eloquent in their culture.