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Reformation Study Bible – Isa 66:19
Isa 66:19

66:19 sign. This “sign” is probably remarkable acts of judgment on the false worshipers as the remnant is delivered from among them.

survivors. The true worshipers who survive persecution (v. 5; Matt. 24:9–14) bring God’s glory to the nations (v. 18).

Tarshish. See note 23:5.

Pul, and Lud. In North Africa.

Tubal. South of the Black Sea in modern Turkey (Ezek. 38:2, 3; 39:1).

Javan. The people of Asia Minor or Greece (Ezek. 27:13, 19; Joel 3:6).

declare . . . nations. The Gentiles will submit themselves to the Lord and rejoice in His mighty acts (24:16 note).