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Reformation Study Bible – Isa 23:1
Isa 23:1

23:1 oracle. See note 13:1.

Tyre. A prominent Phoenician port on the Mediterranean, west of Mt. Hermon and Damascus. Judah had a longstanding relationship with Tyre, for Solomon had traded with Hiram of Tyre (1 Kin. 5:1, 8–11) and Phoenician sailors had manned Solomon’s fleet (1 Kin. 9:27).

ships of Tarshish. These large vessels of the merchant fleet (1 Kin. 10:22; Ps. 48:7) traversed great distances to the Phoenician colonies along the Mediterranean coasts.

is laid waste. The fall of Tyre would require the ships to find another port.

Cyprus. This would be a port of call on the return voyage.