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Reformation Study Bible – Hab 1:14
Hab 1:14

1:14 You make mankind. A bold accusation by Habakkuk. If the Lord tolerates the evil actions of the Babylonians, He becomes responsible for the fate of their victims.

like the fish. Imagery of Babylon as a fisherman catching helpless fish is developed in vv. 14–17. Fishing was an important activity in Babylonia, which was located in the region of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and was bordered on the south by the Persian Gulf. Some ancient Near Eastern wall reliefs portray victorious rulers carrying captives in fishnets.

no ruler. There was no one to protect them. Kings in the ancient Near East were seen as the protectors of their people (1 Sam. 8:20). An implicit accusation may also be present here, since the Lord was the ultimate King and protector of His people (Deut. 33:5; Is. 63:18, 19).