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Gen 8:1–12:9

8:1–12:9 The account of post-Flood history mirrors the pre-Flood period: the creation out of dark waters (1:1–2:3; cf. 8:1–9:16), the depraved condition of the human founders, Adam and Noah (3:1–14; cf. 9:18–23); the division of the founder’s sons into elect and reprobate lines (ch. 4; cf. 9:24–27); the tyrannical non-elect building a city and making a name for themselves, Cain and Nimrod (4:17–24; cf. 10:8–12; 11:1–9); the preservation of a godly line (5:1–32; cf. 11:10–26) and of a faithful agent of blessing in the fallen world (6:1–9; cf. 11:27–12:9). The parallel judgment on the reprobate (6:9–7:24) will come with the fiery judgment and the introduction of the new heavens and the new earth (2 Pet. 3:13–17; Rev. 21:1).