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Gen 46:28–47:31

46:28–47:31 Through Joseph’s wisdom God preserved Israel in Goshen, both physically, by providing food and land (45:10 note), and spiritually, by providing for their isolation from the pagan Egyptians until the Exodus (43:32; Num. 25:1–3 and notes). Under Jacob’s blessing on Pharaoh (47:7, 10; cf. 12:2) and Pharaoh’s honoring of Israel (45:17–20; 47:6; cf. 12:3) everyone prospered: Pharaoh gained control of all the property and people in Egypt (47:19–21), the Egyptians hailed Joseph as a savior (47:25), and Israel prospered even more than the Egyptians (47:27; Ex. 1:7). This mutual blessing and prosperity contrasts with the situation four hundred years later when another pharaoh cursed Israel and was cursed (Ex. 1:8–14).