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Gen 37:2–50:26

37:2–50:26 The final section of Genesis, “the generations of Jacob,” begins. It starts on a negative note with the shattering of the covenant family’s peace (ch. 37) and their intermarriage with the Canaanites (ch. 38), but concludes with the family’s reconciliation and preservation in Egypt.

Just as Jacob figured prominently in the “account of Isaac,” so also does Joseph in the “generations of Jacob.” God used Joseph, the rejected, godly brother, to save and reconcile the covenant family (45:5–8; 50:24). Though the striking parallels are not developed in the New Testament, the Christian church has traditionally viewed Joseph as a type of Christ. Godly Joseph, beloved by his father (37:3; cf. Mark 1:11), was sent to his brothers, but was then sold for twenty pieces of silver (37:28; cf. Matt. 26:15). After suffering persecution and temptation (37:18–36; 39:7–20; cf. Matt. 4:1–11), righteous Joseph was exalted as lord over his brothers (37:5–11; 41:37–45; 42:6; cf. Phil. 2:9, 10).