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Reformation Study Bible – Gen 31:3
Gen 31:3

31:3 Return to the land. Jacob’s departure with his sons from Paddan-aram foreshadows the later Exodus of the twelve tribes of Israel from Egypt: they go in response to God’s call to worship in the land of Canaan (vv. 3, 13; cf. Ex. 3:13–18); they spoil the enemy of his wealth (v. 9; cf. Ex. 12:35, 36); they are pursued by superior forces and delivered by divine intervention (vv. 21–42; cf. Ex. 14:5–31). These Old Testament examples in turn point forward to the pilgrimage of the New Israel, the church (1 Cor. 10:1–4).

I will be with you. See 28:15 and notes.