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Reformation Study Bible – Gen 3:6
Gen 3:6

3:6 Sin is essentially man’s failure to trust in God, an act or state of unbelief, an assertion of autonomy (2:9 note). True religion consists of communion with God based on trust and issuing into obedience (John 14:15). See theological note “The Fall.”

tree . . . wise. Her decision was based on practical values, aesthetic appreciation, and intellectual gratification.

took of its fruit. By this act she sealed an alliance with the prince of death and darkness. God’s loving election and plan of redemption are her only hope (v. 15 and notes).

he ate. Man becomes a rebel: surrounded with sufficient motives to trust and obey God, he chooses disobedience against God (6:5; 8:21). Salvation depends entirely upon the Lord, not the rebel. By God’s appointment Adam represented the race as its federal head and brought death upon all (Rom. 5:12–19). He also represents, as a model and prototype, mankind’s hostility against God (2:4–3:24 note).