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Reformation Study Bible – Gen 3:24
Gen 3:24

3:24 east. See 2:8 and note. Israel’s tabernacle and temple, like the medieval cathedrals, faced toward the east.

cherubim. These heavenly beings protect God’s holiness, prohibiting sinners’ access to Him (Ex. 25:18; 2 Chr. 3:7).

to guard. The coming heavenly Adam, who bears the curse of toil, sweat, thorns, conflict, death on a tree, and descent into dust, will regain the garden, tearing apart the veil of the temple on which the cherubim were sewn (2:8 and note; Ex. 26:1; Matt. 27:51; Heb. 6:19; 9:3; Rev. 22:1–3, 14). The flaming sword is the first weapon of government or law-enforcement.