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Gen 26:34–27:46

26:34–27:46 The theme of family conflict, between the parents and between the twins, now becomes full-blown in pursuit of the patriarch’s blessing. Isaac depended on his fallible senses rather than divine guidance (27:4; cf. 25:23), and Rebekah used deception (27:6–17). Esau broke his oath (27:5 note) and Jacob blasphemously lied (27:19, 20). Though the blessing is passed on according to God’s good pleasure, the divine verdict on their actions is pronounced in the disastrous consequences: Esau resolved to murder Jacob (27:41; cf. 4:8) and Jacob fled the land. Rebekah died without memorial (35:8 and note), and Isaac lived on without significance (35:28 and note).

Implicit here is a contrast between Abraham, who in faith provided for Isaac’s future according to God’s elective purposes (ch. 24), and Isaac, who seems to have made no attempt to find suitable wives for his sons (cf. 24:2–4), and who tried to thwart the divine election (27:1–4; cf. 25:23).