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Gen 25:19–35:29

25:19–35:29 The account of Isaac is one of conflict between Isaac and Rebekah (v. 28; ch. 27), Jacob and Esau (25:19–34; chs. 27; 32; 33), Jacob and Laban (chs. 29–31), Leah and Rachel (29:31–30:24), and finally and decisively between Jacob and the Angel of the Lord (32:22–32; cf. 16:7 note). At the story’s core is the promise to Abraham (24:7), passed on to Isaac and Jacob (28:3, 4, 13–15; 35:11–12). The promise is elaborated to include God’s protective presence (28:15; 31:42; 32:9, 12; 35:3). Overarching the entire story is God’s sovereign good pleasure (Rom. 9:10–12). He opened Rebekah’s barren womb, established the supremacy of Jacob over Esau, contravened human customs regarding firstborn rights, and overrode Isaac’s patriarchal authority, Laban’s social position, and Esau’s military might.