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Reformation Study Bible – Gen 20:2
Gen 20:2

20:2 my sister. See v. 11 and note on 11:29.

Abimelech. Lit. “my father is king” or “father of a king.” This Abimelech was probably the father or grandfather of the Abimelech encountered by Isaac (26:1). A ruler of Tyre (c. 1375 b.c.) had this name, which may have been a royal title (Ps. 34; cf. 1 Sam. 27:2).

sent and took Sarah. See 12:15 and note. On the brink of Isaac’s conception (18:10–14; 21:1, 2), the program of redemption through the seed of Abraham was placed in jeopardy. Salvation finally depends on the faithful Lord, not on unfaithful humans, and here God protected the purity of Sarah (vv. 4, 6).