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Reformation Study Bible – Gen 16:7
Gen 16:7

16:7 angel of the Lord. The identity of the angel of the Lord is debated. According to some, although the “angel of the Lord” sometimes may be distinguished from God (e.g., 21:17; 2 Sam. 24:16; 2 Kin. 19:35), in other instances the angel of the Lord appears to be a theophany, a visual manifestation of God Himself (e.g., 18:1–33; 22:11–18; 32:24–30; Ex. 3:2–6). Others, however, note that “angel” means “messenger.” They argue that as secular messengers are fully equated with their senders (Judg. 11:13; 2 Sam. 3:12, 13; 1 Kin. 20:2–4), so God’s angel is identified with Him (see also Gen. 21:17; 31:11; Ex. 14:9; 23:20; 32:34).

Shur. The name means “wall,” a reference to the Egyptian border forts. Hagar apparently fled toward her home in Egypt (cf. v. 1).