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Reformation Study Bible – Gen 11:28
Gen 11:28

11:28 Haran died. Haran’s premature death explains the fate of his children in this closely knit family. Abraham adopted Lot, Haran’s son (v. 31; 12:4), and Nahor married Milcah, Haran’s daughter.

Ur of the Chaldeans. Probably the important city in southern Mesopotamia on the Euphrates River (flourished c. 3000–1900 b.c.), though some scholars suggest that Urfa (Edessa) in northern Mesopotamia may be intended. Because the Chaldeans did not reach southern Mesopotamia until after the time of Moses (and almost a millennium after Abraham), this description of Ur may represent an updating of the text after the time of Moses (Introduction: Date and Occasion).