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Reformation Study Bible – Gal 2:1
Gal 2:1

2:1 fourteen years. Either after his conversion or after his first visit to Jerusalem.

again to Jerusalem. This may refer to a second visit following his conversion, or to a third visit, recorded in Acts 15:2. The purpose of the visit mentioned here corresponds well with the purpose of the visit in Acts 15, but it is difficult, on this theory, to explain why Paul leaves the second visit (Acts 11:27–30) out of his narrative. If, as some scholars believe, Galatians was written after Paul’s first missionary journey (Acts 13; 14) but before the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15), then the journey spoken of here is the Acts 11 journey, and the Acts 15 journey has not yet occurred.

Barnabas. A native of Cyprus and one of the earliest Christians (Acts 4:36). Barnabas’s name means in Aramaic “Son of Encouragement,” and his appearances in Acts demonstrate that he lived up to his name (Acts 4:36, 37; 11:22–24, 30).

Titus. Although not mentioned in Acts, Titus was one of Paul’s trusted companions and messengers. See 2 Cor. 2:12, 13; 7:6; 8:6; Titus 1:4, 5.