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Reformation Study Bible – Gal 1:16
Gal 1:16

1:16 Gentiles. Both “nations” and “Gentiles” are correct translations of the Greek word used here. Jewish writers used the term to refer to everyone that was not a Jew. Paul was called to preach to the Gentiles (2:9; Acts 9:15; 22:21; 26:17; Rom. 1:5; 15:16), but he did not regard this as a call to preach exclusively to Gentiles. In Acts 13–28 he frequently preaches to Jews, and such passages as Rom. 1:14–16; 9:1–5; 1 Cor. 9:20 show that he was ready to evangelize Jews.

consult with anyone. Paul did, of course, meet with Ananias three days after his conversion (Acts 9:10–19; 22:12–16). The word translated “consult,” however, suggests laying something before someone or submitting it for comment and approval. Paul certainly did not consult Ananias in this sense. Ananias’s role was to confirm Paul’s calling to preach to the Gentiles and to baptize him.