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Reformation Study Bible – Ezra 9:8
Ezra 9:8

9:8 a brief moment. The status of the returnees as the recipients of God’s favor was in jeopardy.

favor has been shown by the Lord . . . a remnant. Justice demanded the absolute end of the people of God, but grace preserved a remnant. Through this remnant the Messiah would come and redemption would be accomplished.

secure hold. The word translated “secure hold” means a stake that holds a tent in position (Judg. 4:21) or a nail that holds up objects that are hung on it (Is. 22:23–25). The Lord had given Israel a place in His temple, like the peg of a tent, and had made Ezra someone who could be trusted with burdens.

brighten our eyes. An idiom for increased vigor (Ps. 13:3).