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Reformation Study Bible – Deut 2:10–12
Deut 2:10–12

2:10–12 The Emim . . . Horites. We know little about these former inhabitants of Transjordan, but their names occur in Gen. 14, the report of the raid of eastern kings throughout this area in the days of Abraham. The Emim, also called Rephaim (or “giants”), lived where Moab later lived; the Zamzummim, also called Rephaim, lived where the Ammonites later lived; and the Horites preceded the Edomites (vv. 10–12, 20–23). The remark that the Emim and Zamzummim were tall like the Anakim (but had nevertheless been conquered) would help the morale of Israel who had yet to conquer the Anakim (the im ending of such names is the Hebrew plural suffix). The identity of the Horites is puzzling. An important early people in Mesopotamia were called Hurrians (an equivalent of the Hebrew term translated “Horite”). Some Horites in Canaan seem to have Hurrian names, but their relationship to the Hurrians is unclear.