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Reformation Study Bible – Deut 11:6
Deut 11:6

11:6 Dathan and Abiram. Moses distinguishes Dathan and Abiram from Korah. Likewise, Ps. 106:17 does not include Korah with those buried alive. This distinction is not because the information about Korah belongs to a later time of writing, as some have held; rather, this distinction by Moses is precise. Closer reading of the record in Num. 16:16–35 shows that Korah was at the tabernacle among the two hundred fifty men with censers. Dathan and Abiram, who were not Levites, were in front of their tents with their families when the earth swallowed them up, and Korah’s family with them. But Korah himself perished with the two hundred fifty in the fire from the Lord.