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Reformation Study Bible – Dan 7:13
Dan 7:13

7:13 with the clouds of heaven. Elsewhere in the Old Testament it is only God who comes on the clouds (Ps. 104:3; Is. 19:1). Accordingly, the “son of man” originates in heaven and comes by divine initiative.

one like a son of man. The Aramaic for “son of man” would otherwise mean “a human being” as opposed to the preceding “beasts.” The equivalent is used for Daniel in 8:17 and many times for Daniel’s contemporary, Ezekiel (e.g., Ezek. 2:1, 3, 6). But, in contrast to the “beasts” who misruled the earth, this One will rule as God intended before humanity’s fall (Gen. 1:26–28; Ps. 8:4–6). The expression “son of man” is used sixty-nine times in the synoptic Gospels and twelve times in the Gospel of John to refer to Christ. It is the title Jesus most often used of Himself.