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Reformation Study Bible – Acts 6:2
Acts 6:2

6:2 the twelve. The twelve apostles including Matthias (1:26). This is a shift from “the eleven” (1:26; 2:14; Luke 24:9, 33).

disciples. The first of a number of times the believers are called “disciples” in Acts (e.g., v. 7; 9:1; 11:26; 13:52). Paul does not use this term to identify Christians.

the word of God. In this initial organization of the New Testament church, two important ministries are listed: the ministry of the word and prayer (v. 4); and the ministry of meeting people’s physical needs, such as serving at table. The Greek verb is diakoneo (“serve”), from which English derives the word “deacon.” In 6:1, the related noun is translated “distribution,” and in v. 4 “the ministry.” The office of deacon, which may have had its beginning here, is described in 1 Tim. 3:8–13.