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Reformation Study Bible – 2 Tim 4:10
2 Tim 4:10

4:10 Demas. A coworker present with Paul during his first Roman imprisonment (Col. 4:14; Philem. 24).

Thessalonica. A city in the Roman province of Macedonia where Paul had established a church on his second missionary journey (Acts 17:1–10).

Crescens. Mentioned nowhere else in the New Testament, he was apparently another of Paul’s coworkers.

Galatia. A Roman province Paul visited on his first missionary journey (3:11 note).

Titus. Another of Paul’s coworkers. See Introduction to Titus: Date and Occasion.

Dalmatia. Another name for the Roman province of Illyricum, the westernmost province reached by Paul on his first three missionary journeys (Rom. 15:19).