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Reformation Study Bible – 2 Sam 2:18
2 Sam 2:18

2:18 three sons of Zeruiah. According to 1 Chr. 2:16, Zeruiah was one of David’s two sisters, which would make her sons his nephews.

Joab. Joab played an important role throughout David’s reign, serving as commander of David’s forces (8:16). Though an ardent supporter of David, Joab at times proved to be uncontrollable (3:39), acting in his own interests (3:26, 27) and even defying David’s orders (18:5, 9–14). Joab was executed by King Solomon (1 Kin. 2:28–35).

Abishai. Abishai served alongside Joab in David’s army (10:10; 18:2; 23:18).

Asahel. Also listed among David’s mighty men (23:24), Asahel’s relentless pursuit of Abner in this present episode will lead to a violent death (v. 23).