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Reformation Study Bible – 2 Sam 13:21
2 Sam 13:21

13:21 David . . . was very angry. That David was furious at Amnon’s violation of Tamar is understandable; that he took no disciplinary action is not (1 Sam. 3:13 and note). The Septuagint translation and the Dead Sea Scrolls add, “he would not hurt Amnon because he was his eldest son and he loved him.” Whether original or not, the sentence accurately highlights a weakness in David’s handling of his sons (14:24, 33; 1 Kin. 1:6 and notes). It was David’s duty as father and as king to “administer justice and equity to all his people” (8:15 and note). His failure to do this contributed to the greatest political crisis of his life, Absalom’s rebellion. One of Absalom’s complaints was that David withheld justice (15:4–6).