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Reformation Study Bible – 2 Sam 11:3
2 Sam 11:3

11:3 Bathsheba. Not until 12:24 will the name “Bathsheba” be mentioned again; in the intervening verses the reference will be to “the woman” (v. 5) or to “the wife of Uriah” (v. 26; 12:10, 15). The focus is not on Bathsheba herself so much as on her status as the wife of another man.

Eliam. If Bathsheba’s father is the same as “Eliam the son of Ahithophel” (23:34), this might help to explain Ahithophel’s later betrayal of David in favor of Absalom’s conspiracy (15:12; 16:15), which ostensibly was motivated by a sense of David’s injustice (15:4, 6). Notice especially the nature of Ahithophel’s advice in 16:20, 21.

Uriah. Uriah is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘‘the Lord is my light.”