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Reformation Study Bible – 2 Pet 3:12
2 Pet 3:12

3:12 hastening the coming. Though sometimes translated “eagerly awaiting,” the Greek word usually means “hasten.” The time of Christ’s coming is determined by the sovereign counsel of God, but it does not take place without reference to other events (these too are ordained by God). That God’s delay is merciful (v. 9 and note) indicates that the evangelization of the elect is one relevant factor (Mark 13:10). Other factors include prayer (Luke 11:2) and obedience (v. 11). Such a teaching should profoundly encourage Christians. Our actions do matter.

the day of God. An unusual expression (Rev. 16:14), equivalent to “the day of the Lord” (v. 10). The use of the phrases “day of the Lord” and “day of God” for Christ’s Second Coming indicates Peter’s high Christology: the coming One is none other than God Himself.