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Reformation Study Bible – 2 Kgs 14:7
2 Kgs 14:7

14:7 struck down ten thousand Edomites. This major victory temporarily reversed earlier losses (cf. 8:20–22; 2 Chr. 25:11, 12).

Valley of Salt. Probably this is the salt flats south of the Dead Sea (cf. 2 Sam. 8:13; Ps. 60:title).

Sela. The Septuagint (Old Testament Greek translation) identifies Sela (meaning “rock” in Hebrew) as Petra (meaning “rock” in Greek), located along the Rift Valley about fifty miles south of the Dead Sea. Some modern scholars place it in northern Edomite territory near Bozrah (Judg. 1:36).

to this day. This phrase reflects a time before the Jews were taken captive to Babylon (1 Kin. 8:8 note).