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Reformation Study Bible – 2 Cor 2:13
2 Cor 2:13

2:13 my spirit was not at rest. Paul had hoped that Titus would meet him at Troas and report that the letter of rebuke had been well received. When Titus failed to appear, Paul was deeply troubled.

I took leave of them. A great opportunity for effective ministry did not make Paul turn aside from his prior commitment to care for the Corinthian church and straighten out its problems. Paul continued to feel a deep concern for all his churches (11:28, 29).

to Macedonia. Paul went first to Philippi, then perhaps to Thessalonica or Berea before Titus came. Acts 16:8–18:1 describes the previous journey of Paul along this route. At this point the narrative of his relationship with the Corinthian church is interrupted until 7:5, and Paul inserts an extensive digression on the nature of the new covenant ministry in which he is engaged.