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2 Chr 34:3–35:19

34:3–35:19 The historian bases his account of Josiah’s reforms on 2 Kin. 22:3–23:23, but the order of events differs. Broadly speaking, in 2 Kings Josiah’s reforms are summarized geographically: discovery of the book in the temple (2 Kin. 22:3–23:3), reformation of city and nation (2 Kin. 23:4–20), and Passover celebration at the temple (2 Kin. 23:21–23). The historian of Chronicles orders the events chronologically: reforming the city and nation (34:3–7), discovering the book in the temple (34:8–33), and celebrating the Passover (35:1–19). References to the eighth and twelfth years (34:3) and the eighteenth year (34:8; 35:19) indicate that the reforms began before the discovery of the book.